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Media Technology Centers has found an asset in 80-90 Maiden Lane, with no competition in new development in the commercial marketplace for the foreseeable future.
Media Technology Centers also provides a unique "business incubation" feature for its customers.
7 million patients - the most in the industry - have benefited from TVR Communications' interactive media technology to improve the quality of their hospital stay experience.
The NATAS 2005 Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards, which will be presented as part of the annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony will take place at the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey on September 29th.
SyncCast is a digital media technology provider that develops complex, end-to-end, custom solutions as managed services, runtime applications/appliances or work for hire with a specific emphasis in the secure delivery of digital media content to the entertainment industry via the Internet and other media sources such as kiosks, DVDs, CDs and mobile devices.
These agreements, including Philips' licensing of Microsoft Windows Media technology for both audio and video applications, and its support of high-definition formats, works toward delivering on that vision.
By using the Atlas Rich Media technology we had, for the first-time, a holistic view of our client's rich media and non-rich media campaign performance, allowing us to make the best optimization decisions to ensure the types of results we wanted from the campaign," said John Keck, SVP/director direct media of Doner.
Droppix, the new gold standard in digital media technology, announced today the availability of its next-generation CD and DVD creation software, Droppix Recorder 1.