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T-DMB, DVB-H, and MediaFLO are cellular/broadcasting network based terrestrial technologies and S-DMB, DVB-SH, and CMMB are satellite technologies.
Audiovox/Jensen Enters into Partnership with MediaFLO II-40
The MediaFLO services platform enables the broadcast delivery of high-quality mobile entertainment and information to the mass market.
Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president and president of Qualcomm Internet Services, Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies and Qualcomm Europe, will speak during the "New Embedded Mobile Economy" panel on Monday, Feb.
Real-time user presence, referrals & chat - viewers can see when their friends are watching MediaFLO, invite them to watch programs and chat with them
In February 2007, Cingular, the wireless unit of AT & T, announced that it signed an agreement with MediaFLO to provide mobile TV content to its subscribers.
Mona Klausing, Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies, +1-858-651-4268, mediaflo_pr@qualcomm.
By making the FLO TV service available to AT&T customers, the nation's largest wireless carrier, MediaFLO USA continues to expand our award winning FLO TV service to consumers across the country," said Gina Lombardi, president of MediaFLO USA.
Qualcomm says that MediaFLO can transmit more than 40 television channels, 15 high-quality video signals at 30 frames per second and 10 audio channels.
Speaker Kazuhiko Masuda, president of MediaFLO Japan Planning, said: "The Mobile Media Summit is a great opportunity for companies across the ecosystem to come together and explore the potential that FLO technology presents within this region and the opportunities it offers.
In addition to live mobile TV, the MediaFLO platform supports enhanced mobile broadcast services such as streaming video and audio, clipcasting media, datacasting, interactive applications and targeted advertising - providing a compelling mobile media experience while enabling profitable business models.
Appointment of Senior Representative from MediaFLO Technologies Adds to Forum's Growing Diversity -