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When Blackshaw and his colleagues killed off new neurons in the high-fat eaters by irradiating just their median eminences with precise X-ray beams, the mice gained significantly less weight and fat than animals who had been fed the same diet and were considerably more active, suggesting that these new neurons play a critical role in regulating weight, fat storage and energy expenditure.
Adult mice eating a fatty diet for several weeks pumped out about four times as many new nerve cells in the median eminence as mice that ate regular chow.
Feed restriction in prepubertal lambs: effect on puberty onset and on in vivo release of luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone, neuropeptide Y and beta-endorphin from the posterior-lateral median eminence.
Carapace: With very fine granulation throughout, and densely covered with greater but weak rounded granules especially in the dark brown areas; lateral margins not parallel; anterior margin weakly, evenly concave and lacking median eminence (Fig.