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According to REBNY's Quarterly Condominium and Townhouse Report, Manhattan postwar condominium's median price-per-square foot rose three percent in 12 months to $654.
SANTA CLARITA - The median price of a single-family home in Santa Clarita rose $5,000 from July to August, continuing a sizzling, record-breaking summer for the region's real estate market.
These medians provide benchmarks of the materiality levels used by the two groups of auditors.
The findings show that the median master trust in the ICC universe enjoyed strong gains of 7.
The first years of the program will focus on street medians and landscaping.
The changes in median and mean sales prices on a quarter-by-quarter basis in 1996 reflected little more than normal fluctuations in response to seasonal activity.
The extensive medians undertaking includes data gathered from over 50 credits rated by Fitch within the 'A' to 'AAA' rating categories.
0% in 2001, the lowest recorded by the rating agency in its history of compiling CCRC medians and represents a 57% decline from the 2000 median.
According to More, Caltrans is obligated to build structurally sound barriers for narrow highway medians.
While DMC continues to demonstrate balance sheet indicators that are within Fitch's 1999 medians as of May 31, 2000, specifically liquidity levels, DMC's cash flow and debt service coverage indicators continue to be markedly below Fitch's 1999 `BBB' medians.