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Similarly, East Side prewar condominium prices were unchanged from last year with a median cost of $723 per-square-foot this quarter, the same as 12 months ago.
The median price of a home rose from $395,000 in July to $399,900 in August, up from a 2002 average cost of $312,000.
These medians provide benchmarks of the materiality levels used by the two groups of auditors.
The manufacturing first-year medians -- with the exception of foods, non-electrical machinery and printing -- were equal to or higher than those posted in 1992.
Fitch believes these medians and supporting information serve as a useful tool for Fitch analysts, issuers, bankers, and the investment community in assessing and comparing credit quality,' says Scott.
The first years of the program will focus on street medians and landscaping.
0% in 2001, the lowest recorded by the rating agency in its history of compiling CCRC medians and represents a 57% decline from the 2000 median.
The changes in median and mean sales prices on a quarter-by-quarter basis in 1996 reflected little more than normal fluctuations in response to seasonal activity.
1 percent in 1992; medians in the remaining regions fell by less than one percentage point.
According to More, Caltrans is obligated to build structurally sound barriers for narrow highway medians.
Only two non-manufacturing (excluding construction) industry medians in the first nine months of 1992 rose above the medians reported for the same period in 1991.
The report for the most recent month compared with September 1995 medians of $170,000 for 17 two-bedroom homes; $206,034 for 79 three-bedroom homes; and $294,696 for 133 homes with four or more bedrooms.