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MEDIATE, POWERS. Those incident to primary powers, given by a principal to his agent. For example, the general authority given to collect, receive and pay debts due by or to the principal is a primary power. In order to accomplish this it is frequently required to settle accounts, adjust disputed claims, resist those which are unjust, and answer and defend suits; these subordinate powers are sometimes called mediate powers. Story, Ag. Sec. 58. See Primary powers, and 1 Camp. R. 43, note 4 Camp. R. 163; 6 S. & R. 149.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Open playoff that lasted 19 holes, Mediate, with teammate Brandt Snedeker, shot a 9-under-par 62 to tie for second place after the opening round of the 10th annual CVS event.
But Mediate, who went red-to-red with the world No.1 in a red shirt and made three straight birdies on the back nine, did win the affections of the huge Monday morning crowd as golf discovered a new star.
They were both round in level par 71s as a result, Mediate having come from three down after 10 to lead by one on the final tee.
It was there, on the 91st hole, that Woods finally shook off his fellow American with Mediate missing his putt to end his hopes of an improbable victory against the world number one.
On the day he reached 500 weeks as world number one, Woods came out on top after a marathon duel with fellow American Rocco Mediate.
"Unbelievable, I knew he would make it," said Mediate after Woods' putt rolled around half of the cup before dropping.
"Unbelievable, I knewhe would make it," Mediate said after Woods' putt rolled around half of the cup before dropping.
"Unbelievable, I knew he would make it," Mediate said after Woods' putt rolled around half of the cup before dropping.
I highly recommend "How to Mediate Like a Pro" for anyone who is a mediator or thinking about becoming a mediator.
If after intervening you honestly believe your knowledge, credibility, and authority are not relevant to the conflict, your job is to find someone who is relevant to mediate. Failing to accept the role as a mediator or finding the appropriate individual to act is no better than not intervening in the first place.
Finding Muslim and non-Muslim spokespeople who can mediate in both directions between immigrant Muslim groups and the larger society: their work encompasses both mediating Muslim issues towards the larger society, as well as mediating the concerns and values of the larger society towards the immigrant Muslim society--as well as to the homeland Muslim society.
If Sue is to be true to her belief that she is a mediator in all of her life roles, then she must find a way to mediate the current situation.