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HEALTH OFFICER. The name of an officer invested with power to enforce the health laws. The powers and duties of health officers are regulated by local laws.

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Local leadership in public health: The role of the medical officer of health in Britain, 1872-1974.
True, environmental health was left with local authorities but the training and intellectual frameworks to conceive of pubic health in the round, which resided with the Medical Officer of Health and his health education and community nursing staff, were lost to the National Health Service.
Skepticism arose, however; the medical officer of health for Alberta, Canada, noted that cases of disease continued to increase alter mask use was mandated, and public confidence in the measure's efficacy gave way to ridicule (6).
The deputy medical officer of health, Cardiff, Dr W Anderson, said, "Although supplies of the smallpox vaccine are short, we have some for the essential contacts, but not for the public.
Two medical men, the medical officer of health Dr TD Williams and Dr Beatty - were quickly in attendance, and both Mr Carter and the other man were speedily conveyed in a Red Cross ambulance to the Stanley Hospital, but on arrival life was found to be extinct.
Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued a food consumption advisory for gull and tern eggs for Lake Athabasca and Mamawi Lake.
There were unpaid elected members like Ramsey and Mrs Burton and high class officers like Dr Donaldson, the medical officer of health and Frank Sugden, chief public health inspector who made a difference to people's lifestyles and health.
The court has also ordered the district administration to form a medical board, led by the district chief medical officer of health ( CMOH), to carry a gender determination test on the athlete.
Dr Gerry Dison was the town's medical officer of health spanning four decades of change in the health service in the aftermath of the Second World War.
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