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General Medical Council (GMC)

the UK body that regulates doctors to protect patients. It has a Scottish affairs office called GMCScotland. The Council at the time of writing had 35 members: 19 doctors elected by the doctors on the register; 14 members of the public appointed by the Privy Council and 2 academics appointed by educational bodies - the universities and medical royal colleges. It has four main statutory functions: keeping the register of qualified medical practitioners; fostering good medical practice; promoting high standards of education; and prosecuting and punishing rogue doctors. It is its prosecution function that is best known. There is an appeal to the Privy Council.
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Dr David took the 60-year-old off life support hours after his wife and son had expressed "strong opposition" to treatment being withdrawn Professor Michael Whitehouse, chairman of the fitness to practise panel, told the hearing in central London yesterday that Dr David had been found guilty of serious professional misconduct and would be struck off the medical register.
If found guilty, he could be struck off the medical register
A total of 6,512 doctors joined the medical register for the first time between the beginning of June and August 5.
It is the doctors' regulatory body and if it believes a medic is a danger to the public it can strike him or her off the medical register.
Today, the General Medical Council's disciplinary committee will hear calls for the GP to be struck off the medical register and prevented from practising again.
It is due to announce tomorrow whether he will be struck off the medical register.
"How is it that the hospital decided not to investigate the first complaint?" Shine, 78, denies the allegations, despite being struck off the medical register after being found guilty of misconduct.
It decided that his name should be immediately erased from the medical register because of the "serious nature" of its findings.
A GMC fitness to practise hearing ruled Dr Gbinigie, from Barnt Green, could remain on the medical register, subject to restrictions which will be reviewed in nine months.
A doctor who failed to report "grossly excessive" doses of morphine given to a victim of mass killer GP Harold Shipman was suspended from the medical register yesterday.
A PAEDIATRICIAN who gave 'erroneous' and 'misleading' evidence in the Cheshire solicitor Sally Clark trial faces being struck off the medical register following a disciplinary ruling yesterday.
A PATHOLOGIST who secretly ordered the removal of organs from hundreds of dead children at Alder Hey Hospital has been struck off the UK medical register.

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