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PHYSICIAN. One lawfully engaged in the practice of medicine.
     2. A physician in England cannot recover for fees, as his practice is altogether honorary. Peake C. N. P. 96, 123; 4 T. R. 317.
     3. But in Pennsylvania, and perhaps in all the United States, he may recover for his services. 5 Serg. & Rawle, 416. The law implies, therefore, a contract on the part of a medical man, as well as those of other professions, to discharge their duty in a skillful and attentive manner; and the law will redress the party injured by their neglect or ignorance. 1 Saund. 312, R; 1 Ld. Raym. 213; 2 Wils. 359; 8 East, 348.
     4. They are sometimes answerable criminally for mala praxis. (q.v.) 2 Russ. on Cr. 288; Ayl. Pand. 213; Com. Dig. h.t. Vin. Ab. h.t.

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But on medical advice, and to protect his voice, he is having to take an enforced period of rest.
Medical advice for the process of advising on indicative disputes at the cvz, aimed at the medical substantive advice on indication disputes.
Discharge against medical advice is linked with an increased risk of hospital readmission, higher morbidity and mortality, and increased costs.
Summary: Facility offers medical advice and preventive medical care to cab drivers
Summary: The facility offers medical advice and preventive medical care to cab drivers at par with the highest healthcare standards.
He suggested patients must not place themselves at risk as the decision to fast or not should be based on medical advice.
THE dangers of taking prescription drugs without medical advice have been highlighted after medication went missing from an ambulance in Sunderland.
Around 200 journalists and their family members got free screening and medical advice.
According to the British Vetinary Association pet owners are misdiagnosing their pet's illness and some are even purchasing medication online rather than seeking out medical advice and prescriptions from a vet.
But the panel cleared her of failing to take adequate steps to obtain further medical advice.
Passengers and crew on Philippine Airlines' (PAL) long-haul international flights can now be assured of round-the-clock access to some of the best medical advice in the world while in the air - thanks to a new agreement that the flag carrier has forged with MedAire, the world's leading provider of in-flight medical advice and assistance.
DESPITE medical advice to retire, I wouldn't back against David Haye fighting on - don't forget this was a man who bravely battled back from a careerthreatening broken toe.

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