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Patients with mental illness and co-morbid medical disorders find it very difficult to access medical services, and even when they are able to gain access to these services they receive poorer quality of care than patients without mental illness.
Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), characterized by a hypersensitivity to common household chemicals such as cleaning agents and pesticides, is becoming an acknowledged medical disorder, although debate continues as to whether a psychological component underlies development of the illness.
We were told that the condition was a legitimate medical disorder, that he needed the Ritalin in order to deal with this objective medical condition.
The MoD says the medical consensus is that the symptoms reported by some Gulf veterans do not constitute a distinct medical disorder or syndrome.
Autism is only the third medical disorder after Aids and diabetes to have a world awareness day.
Platt urges his readers to consult their physicians first in order to begin planning an hormonal treatment approach for any medical disorder.
Also they had a home for ladies in Dawlish under the name of Sefton Hall and if my memory is not playing tricks, I believe as employees we paid a weekly contribution from our wages, so that if you were unfortunate to suffer an accident or some form of medical disorder or disease which may require recuperation then, on the advice of your doctor, you could have the opportunity to spend some time at the homes in Dawlish.
Learn about 'syndrome w' in mid-life: a medical disorder which is common to women in their 30s-60s and stems from an abnormality in insulin levels.
Our theory holds that cerumen accumulation is a medical disorder rather than a natural phenomenon.
News and World Report story on Moderation Management, a program for reducing alcohol consumption among problem drinkers, Gordis sternly warned that "current evidence supports abstinence as the appropriate goal for persons with the medical disorder 'alcohol dependence' (alcoholism).
In fact, Viagra is simply the latest step in the medicalization of nature in this country: our growing tendency to treat any less-than-desirable characteristic as a medical disorder to be eradicated.
A clear and systematic guide for identifying psychological symptoms that may be masking a medical disorder