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PHYSICIAN. One lawfully engaged in the practice of medicine.
     2. A physician in England cannot recover for fees, as his practice is altogether honorary. Peake C. N. P. 96, 123; 4 T. R. 317.
     3. But in Pennsylvania, and perhaps in all the United States, he may recover for his services. 5 Serg. & Rawle, 416. The law implies, therefore, a contract on the part of a medical man, as well as those of other professions, to discharge their duty in a skillful and attentive manner; and the law will redress the party injured by their neglect or ignorance. 1 Saund. 312, R; 1 Ld. Raym. 213; 2 Wils. 359; 8 East, 348.
     4. They are sometimes answerable criminally for mala praxis. (q.v.) 2 Russ. on Cr. 288; Ayl. Pand. 213; Com. Dig. h.t. Vin. Ab. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the paper titled, 'Knowing Your Rights As a Doctor: A Call for adherence to the Code of Medical Ethics' Calvin Chama stressed the need for every Medical Doctor to put his patients first by protecting his rights through adherence to the medical ethics.
He further explained that there were 599 medical doctors against 187 non-citizens and 45 local medical specialists as opposed to 55 foreigners.
The Liberian leader noted that the visit of the medical doctors to Liberia was timely and appropriate particularly when Government has been searching for true partnerships in the health sector.
Ngige, when asked if nothing was wrong, owing to his position as a qualified medical doctor, said there was nothing wrong in their choice to practise overseas, at the detriment of Nigeria's health sector.
These medical doctors treat about 8.3 billion patients on average every year, said Ma Xiaowei, head of the National Health Commission, in a report submitted to China's top legislature for review at its ongoing bimonthly session.
Backers say the legislation will allow licensed naturopathic medical doctors to order lab tests and prescriptions that can be filled by pharmacists.
Patients of chiropractors and physical therapists are more likely to report that their provider often did these four things than are patients of medical doctors. The vast majority of neck and back pain patients who saw a chiropractor in the past year say their chiropractor listened to them (93%), provided convenient and quick access to care (93%), demonstrated care and compassion (91%), and explained things well (88%).
More pertinent is that Homeopathic doctors were hired at the posts of medical doctors. According to reporter, as many as five retired officers neither left government accommodations nor paid rent for them.
ISLAMABAD:The Ministry of Religious Affairs has sought the voluntarily services from the medical doctors who had been selected for Hajj on government's scheme intending pilgrims.
DALLAS -- The most important referral sources for cosmetic procedures are physicians and family members and friends, but there appears to be a knowledge gap as to which cosmetic providers are actually medical doctors, results from an online survey found.
The presentation became fruitful for the Intern medical doctors.