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All member countries of World Health Organization adopted the international Code of Medical Ethics.
To request a review copy of the Code of Medical Ethics, please contact:]
Islamic scholars from the caliphates of Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Cordoba, etc made significant contributions to medicine and medical ethics as well.
Medical Ethics of Medieval Islam with Special Reference to Al-Ruh?
Taken as a specialty of bioethics, medical ethics also changed, to the point that its distance from the Hippocratic ethics--in effect for over twenty centuries--forced to reassess some of the principles that underpinned it.
In order to formulate ethics curriculum for our country with its unique social cultural and religious setup the first step may be to determine the current basic knowledge and attitudes of the health care professionals including interns and residents regarding Medical Ethics.
That makes this book - a medical ethics book directed squarely at the lay audience of patients and their families confronted by highly complex and difficult medical procedures and issues, such as transplantation or life-and-death decisions--a one of a kinds.
Interestingly, despite being aware of medical ethics, the survey showed 91 per cent of the respondents didn't follow them.
Adopted in 1948 by the World Medical Association, and undergone a series of amendments in 1968, 1983 and 1994, the Declaration of Geneva has been regarded as the most important guidelines in the field of medical ethics.
RABBI PROFESSOR AVRAHAM Steinberg, MD, is an associate clinical professor of medical ethics at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem.
He stressed on the need to introduce medical ethics in schools, universities and other organizations adding that behavioural change was vital for a balanced society.
The ultimate aim of medical ethics education is to produce 'good' doctors capable of reflectively discerning the many values at play in the clinical encounter.

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