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fraud, such as motor vehicle no-fault medical fraud through undercover sting operations;
While the battle against vehicle theft is far from over, the good news for the insurance industry is that declining vehicle thefts allow NICB to apply additional resources to emerging and more insidious kinds of insurance crimes--specifically medical fraud.
Lohmann cited medical fraud as the biggest drain on New York's property/casualty industry.
The exception is California, where everything seems outsized, including the dollar amounts of medical fraud.
Another medical fraud case involved Ella Alexander, 39, of Casa, who was a nurse's aide at John Ed Chambers Memorial Hospital in Danville before she was fired, according to the Insurance Fraud Investigation Division report.
He has been controversial in recent years for negative remarks about gays, brown-skinned people and what he calls medical fraud.
Quote from Hans Ruesch, Naked Empress--the Great Medical Fraud, CIVIS, Massagno/ Lugano, Switzerland 1992, pp.
Federal and local authorities arrested 29 people, including two past presidents of the Board of Medical Examiners, bringing to 112 the number of people detained here in an ongoing medical fraud probe, reports Reuters (Nov.
His areas of research and teaching interest include white-collar and corporate crime, punishment and criminal justice system capacity issues, medical fraud, financial crime, identity theft, and cyber crime.
There is an association called The Campaign for Truth in Medicine campaigning for truth and exposure of scientific error, medical fraud and profiteering.
In October 2003, the Bureau of MediCal Fraud and Elder Care Abuse put a hidden camera in the room of Maria Mendoza, a then-80-year-old resident of SunBridge Care & Rehabilitation-East in Escondido, Calif.
There are laws that provide specific penalties for medical fraud, but the federal government has increasingly relied upon the FCA to prosecute these cases.

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