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All aggressive patients are therefore subject to mandatory screening for a medical illness by emergency department (ED) doctors in the EDs of Addington and King Edward VIII hospitals in Durban.
Depression is a serious medical illness that can affect the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things.
Poor job performance attributed to work stress can be due to such things as a hidden conflict with a supervisor, an unrecognized depression or even an undiagnosed medical illness.
The stigma against mental illness is greatest in the African American community, and we are losing our children to multiple aspects of mental disease, including trauma, drugs, and psychiatric aspects of medical illness.
When patients are asked how they are able to manage with the stress of medical illness, disability, and pain, they frequently report that religious beliefs and practices are a source of comfort and strength.
No other sports organization provides free advice and information to your question on a specific medical illness, injury or general question.
Although the court disallowed any testimony from the doctor that Ballard's medical illness was caused by mold, the damage was done.
As the article stated, obstetric medicine is a growing area of medical practice focused on the care of medical illness in pregnancy.
Depression is a real medical illness, like diabetes or ulcers.
Only if you believe the tosh perpetrated by counsellors, psychologists, pseudo-therapists and semi- qualified anthropologists whose only concern is to benefit financially from making the most normal everyday activity a medical illness.
1,2) The association of CIDP with a concomitant medical illness has been reported quite frequently in the literature.
There's no question it's a medical illness," he said, "and once you have it, it mandates treatment.

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