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This first-ever neuroscientific evaluation of mediumistic trance states reveals some exciting data to improve our understanding of the mind and its relationship with the brain.
In the process of seeking acceptance in the country, FEB shed its most controversial practices, the ones which uneducated healers practiced: mediumistic prescriptions and psychic/ mediumistic surgeries, the very practices that John of God engages in.
Individuals in her age have become more evolved; they can better activate the renovating powers of their spirit and transpose their mediumistic experiences into art.
Everyone to a lesser or greater degree can increase their awareness on both a psychic level where you can pick up from the living and on a mediumistic level where you are aware of the spirit world.
Home seemed to reciprocate her interest: at one of his seances Elizabeth Barrett Browning was persuaded into a kind of flirtation with a ghost acting through the medium (Aveni 2001: 227)--accusations of morally dubious goings-on were commonly levelled at mediumistic practices.
It is to another, related sense of "medium" that Geoffrey Hlibchuk turns, in "This Secret Charm of Numbers: The Clandestine Relationship between Shortwave Number Stations and Twentieth-Century Poetry": the mediumistic properties that numbers and radio have had for some poets in the twentieth century.
There are three major types of altered states of consciousness revealed by cross-cultural research: shamanistic, mediumistic, and meditative (Winkelman, 2000).
Everyone has some mediumistic potential, but some are more tuned to spirit communication than others.
Followers believe communication is only possible through individuals who have so-called mediumistic abilities and are known as mediums.
He seems to have had practically no education except the back-files of the little magazines and is almost entirely unencumbered with ideas except on the practice of his art, but a mediumistic voice speaks through him in the most impeccable of accents.
in the 1860s and 1870s, the mediumistic repertoire expanded to include spirit photography and spirit materializations.
2) It regards both the individual creator and the collective folk speech as mediumistic instruments for bringing about the change.