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From the beginning, he included mediumistic phenomena in his research program, rejecting spiritualism but interpreting them as a momentary transfer of nervous-muscular energy beyond the organism and into the environment under the influence of the imagination when the medium was in a monoideistic state.
Woolf cast the ethical value of her authorship in mediumistic terms:
While the monarchy's political legitimation is transmitted through the mass media and public rituals in Thai society, Phaya Lae's authority is enacted through local celebrations, social events, and mediumistic rituals.
The implication is that in the digital age, Western civilization is approximating the cultural sphere constituted by the Chinese language - not in an ideological sense but in a mediumistic and dispositional sense.
Sophronia takes Ruby under her wing and mentors her in the mediumistic abilities, encouraging her to fight for women's rights.
(2002) 'The uniqueness of Nguni mediumistic divination in Southern Africa', Africa 72 (2): 277-92.
These renderings are the product of a process whereby O'Hara "records" movement--of musicians, orators, actors, and fellow artists; of workers of all sorts, from gardeners to bakers to stonemasons; of bees and carp and turtles--in real time with only pencils and paper, tools that function for the septuagenarian artist as a mediumistic interface between herself and the world of space and motion around her.
Po Trong--or at least its bodily, worldy, mediumistic incarnation --is also the master of ceremony, Cheuh-very-dark-eyes--for she has very dark eyes.
In a career spanning 25 years, Tony has had umpteen television programmes and taught at some of the most respected schools for mediumistic developmentm.
However, other scholars, in light of evidence stemming from controlled studies about the accuracy of mediumistic communications and about "near-death" experiences, consider plausible that some individuals, in altered mental states, could actually communicate through extra-sensorial perception with some form of non-local consciousness (6-8).
The book also has four appendixes two of which provide mid-twentieth century descriptions of Temiar mediumistic practices.
are doing so much to rehabilitate; such phenomena, namely, as religious conversions, providential leadings in answer to prayer, instantaneous healings, premonitions, apparitions at time of death, clairvoyant visions or impressions, and the whole range of mediumistic capacities, to say nothing of still more exceptional and incomprehensible things.