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At that time, other renowned scientists also dedicated their time and effort to study mediumistic phenomena, such as William Crookes (7) and Charles Richet (8).
Another friend of my grandfather's, Harry Houdini, would often debunk mediumistic practices in his shows.
are doing so much to rehabilitate; such phenomena, namely, as religious conversions, providential leadings in answer to prayer, instantaneous healings, premonitions, apparitions at time of death, clairvoyant visions or impressions, and the whole range of mediumistic capacities, to say nothing of still more exceptional and incomprehensible things.
com)-- Cappiello, definitely didn't envision one day compiling a book of twenty-five stories told to her mostly from spirits that have crossed into the nonphysical realm, but after a car accident during her late thirties awakened the mediumistic ability of clairaudience in her—she believes severe whiplash opened her fifth chakra—she was guided by spirit to let her newly found latent ability unfold as part of her life's destiny.
Insofar as it is a cultural artifact, I Ching lends itself to a mediumistic study.
My mediumistic skills rarely failed me, and as I took a few tentative steps into the sanctuary that was once Harold's space, a blast of cold air rushed past me, taking my breath away, as I was immediately drawn to the chest of drawers.
Merrill writes of Dante, for example, that "like Milton or Yeats he had mediumistic powers--a sustaining divinatory intelligence which spoke to him, if only (as Julian Jaynes would have it) from that center of the brain's right hemisphere which corresponds to Weinecke's [sic] area on the left" (Prose 184).
They consider goddess religions, women at the margins of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Greece, Buddhism (Soka Gakkai) in Spain, personal growth and submission among Umbanda practitioners in Paris, German mediumistic healers facing the gendered power in context of scientific discourse, rabbinic authority and sexual transgressions in the Jewish Spiritual Renewal community in Israel, authority among feminists witches in Germany, female identity in the Brahma Kumaris movement in Portugal, recurring hierarchies in spiritual societies of the Netherlands, and Mexican men's challenge of machismo ideals through contemporary spirituality.
The study by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil revealed intriguing findings of decreased brain activity during mediumistic dissociative state, which generated complex written content.
In the spiritual hospitals of Brazil, people suffering from physical and mental diseases come to be healed by mediumistic interventions, laying-on of hands, and invisible surgery.
The first functions as spiritualism where the mediumistic activity of passive writing is literally bound up with the act of existing, approving the visiting spirit's existence, spirit's materialization.
Though they largely rejected the "spirit hypothesis," and believed that mediumistic phenomena were natural rather than supernatural, they were nonetheless convinced that these phenomena were genuine, that they showed intelligence or intention, and could be studied like any other natural phenomena.