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in my review of this book I criticized what I believe to be the book's superficial treatment and cavalier dismissal of the evidence--from near-death experiences, mediumship, and terminal lucidity--that contradict the author's repeatedly stated view that personality and memory depend upon a functioning brain and so cannot survive the death of the brain.
While answers to such questions remain a mystery, modern brain imaging offers the potential for new discoveries about mediumship.
Further evening demonstrations of mediumship by Jan and Shaun are scheduled for the Holiday Inn in Filton, Bristol; the Future Inn at Cardiff; the Hilton Hotel in Bath City and Swindon and the Crescent Theatre, Brindley Place, Birmingham.
Further research should address criteria for distinguishing between healthy and pathological dissociative expressions in the scope of mediumship.
9) They believed that mediumship was a possible tool that could potentially help them ward off evil spirits, get a job and earn more money, or seek revenge on an employer, a spouse, or an enemy.
Like medicine proper, the history of Spiritualism, that fervent explosion of quasi-religious enthusiasm, mysticism, and mediumship marking the latter half of the nineteenth century, was long written by interested practitioners, devotees, and aficionados.
Apart from the public humiliation Flora suffers (like many of her authentic prototypes), she is also subject to sexual abuse from the researcher William Preston--an episode probably corroborated by the treatment of Florence Cook by Dr William Crookes, whose interest in mediumship apparently took forms other than scientific.
Duncan was found guilty of fake mediumship and sentenced to a pounds 1 fine or a month in prison.
is not a fictional fantasy novel, but rather the genuine spiritual story of the Nature People who live in an Aetheric Plane, as told in their own words through von Lahr's mediumship and telepathy.
It would be strange if this did not extend to the understanding of mediumship itself within these groups.
The phenomenon has been said to have occurred in mediumship, shamanism, trances, mystical rapture, and demonic possession.
The books," Abanes told the Associated Press, "present astrology, numerology, mediumship, crystal gazing.