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Books and pamphlets explaining the cultural significance of the Lady were quickly sold out, the temple complex was restored, religious and ritual activities--including spirit mediumship resembling the practices described by Nguyen Thi Hien and Oscar Salemink in this issue--were re-started, and pilgrims started to arrive in great numbers.
In February 2004, Lara set up her own business, Astrobabe, through which she offers a range of services including seminars and motivation courses to bereavement counselling, past-life regression, mediumship, face reading and astrology charts.
The best way to get involved in mediumship is through a Spiritualist church.
IF you want to try to develop spiritual awareness, the UK School Of Mediumship runs courses (call 01744 893555 or visit www.
Auriel and Donna talk about crystals, chakras, experiences with intuition and mediumship.
com AN Evening of Mediumship and Clairvoyance with Donna Robinson will take place on Friday, October 11 at 7.
As the editors make clear, not only have a number of visual art objects been produced under the inspiration of other putative entities or psi experiences (the book contains many representative photos, drawings, and paintings of varying artistic quality), bur the mediumship seances themselves, whether fraudulent or not, can be analyzed as performances, as Shaker and other religious traditions have been (Bennett, 2005).
Mon 24th 7pm Evening of Mediumship, pounds 3 on door Mrs L Bland.
A DIFFERENT type of reading will take place at Cardiff Central Library on Friday - a mediumship evening.
An evening of mediumship is being held at Marsden Mechanics Institute on Friday, November 26.
We shall be offering for sale, books, candles, incense and all items related to phychic research, paranormal phenomena and practical ritual workings, as well as hauntings, physical mediumship, witchcraft, white and black magic, seances, divination, mediumship and exorcisms.