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The practice of mediumship enjoyed a rebirth in the 1970s as a significant activity within the New Age Movement, which looked to the coming of an idealistic culture in the twenty first century.
He discusses controversy, and the participation of scientific and non-scientific voices in a commission formed in Russia to study mediumship, which involved the chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev.
Sisco received training in evidential mediumship from MontClair Metaphysical and Healing Center, where she continues her development.
The second is an ethnographic argument about the shifting emphases of Caodai religious practice, and especially the relationship of spirit mediumship to meditation, fn a nuanced account of the esoteric origins of Caodaism in ascetic and mystical practices which involve renouncing worldly ties, Jammes lays out the basis for a strategic shift in emphasis forced by the communist government's ban on spirit mediumship since 1975.
The literature about electroencephalographic correlates of culture-bound nonpathological dissociative experiences such as mediumship and possession trances is sparse.
Rescue mediumship is a form of spirit communication for counseling the dead and helping the deceased cross over, and is the first book to provide a ghost's perspective on matters.
Chapters are: Mesmerism and the psychological dimension of mediumship; spiritualism and the American Swedenborgian Current; dead reckonings; spirit possession; queering the seance; man is a spirit here and now; Pinkie at play; criticizing the dead; the nature of reality; reincarnation; crossing over; spiritism in Brazil; between two worlds; othe medium is the message in the spacious presento; channelinguthe Cinderella of the New Age?; individual power, cultural constraints; channeling extraterrestrials; secret lives of the superpowers; psychics, skeptics, and popular culture; the occultists and the spaceman; historical imagination and channeled theology or, learning the law of attraction.
Author Talk Diane Lewis will share her mediumship event "Together, A Message'' and sign copies of her book "A Little Inspiration,'' 4-6 p.m.
Outside the academe, he became known for his interest in such uncharted fields as parapsychology, mediumship and the world of the elemental or nature spirits.
In Part 2, consisting of chapters 8 and 9, Fertile Disorder repositions possession within the sphere of social theory (chapter 8) and reconsiders the validity of emancipatory models of freedom and politics as a framework to understand the agency cultivated in female mediumship, and female spirit possession more generally, as resistance to power, or as empowerment, or even as "a radical liberation from caste, class, and gender relations of power" (p.
Based on the oldest of the old ways -- the primal ways that preceded cultural forms -- Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch offers practices and techniques for working with the Greenwood realm and explains the five arts of Old World Witchery: herbalism, divination, spirit mediumship, mysticism, and the use of magic.
The account of spirit mediumship is especially appealing in terms of performance and materiality.