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It is possible to collect 20 to 30 cc volume of bone debris by reaming the medullary canal at the isthmus of the femur.
A larger stem tended to be selected for osteoporotic bone (type C bone), which has a low cortical index and a wide medullary canal.
In this method, to understand the proximal femoral morphology with relevance for THA, the position of the femoral head and the geometrical variations in the medullary canal should be evaluated in particular (Franklin et al.
An IM nail is a device with numerous biomechanical advantages, but malreduction occurs easily in subtrochanteric fractures owing to the short proximal segment and wide medullary canal, which makes it difficult to achieve stable fixation.
Various factors such as mechanical factors, fracture morphology, reaming of medullary canal, etc.
Then all soft tissues were removed from the replant followed by the curettage of all contents of the medullary canal and fastened to the parent bone by plates or Ilizarov apparatus.
In the recipient site, the fibular graft was inserted into the medullary canal of the long bone.
In this original, two-stage technique, a threaded cylindrical fixture is first screwed into the medullary canal of the hosting bone.
Cases which had many exacerbations, recurrences of the disease, presence of the fistulas, destructive cavities and obliteration of medullary canal requiring repeated surgical treatment, and also orthopedic complications like shortening of limb more than 3 cm, ankylosis of joints and significant axial deformation of limb were considered as unsatisfactory results.
The diameter of nail is selected by measuring the width of medullary canal at level of isthmus.
The medullary canal was opened, drilled, and reamed, and the prosthesis was inserted to abut the distal cut bone surface (Fig 2).
In addition, in the central portion of the medullary canal, there was an 8.