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Broad Street Meeting Hall is an independent community hall providing 'incubator' space for community groups serving one of the poorest communities in the UK.
We've had a ball working with the group, from visiting the meeting hall to welcoming more than 40 Scouts into the store to help out - it was a great day packed with fun.
There is an outdoor & indoor kitchen facilities, meeting hall, outdoor band stage, sound stage, horse drawn carriage for weddings and anniversaries, gazebo for outdoor ceremonies, hayrides, fireplace.
Mogadishu, July 27 (Xinhua-ANI): A remote-controlled bomb went off near a meeting hall where the National Constituent Assembly was discussing a new constitution and elections, police said Friday.
The German-funded facilities included a meeting hall, 66 containers and a parking lot, the airport head, Anwar Sadat Joya, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
The bomb on Thursday went off in a pile of rubbish outside a meeting hall where Tahir Khan Sabari, the acting governor, was holding talks.
m, the three-story center musters an office area, a meeting hall, workshops, a library, galleries and artisan shops.
The bombing was at a meeting hall next to the home of the head of the Sunni al-Garaqul tribe.
4 : a meeting hall of a government body <the Senate chamber>
Summary: Lebanese superstar Nawal Al Zoghbi will host a live concert at the Conference Meeting Hall in Dubai on the first day of "Eid Al Fiter" (Muslim holiday after Ramdan)
The school, which will replace Hexham Priory School, will be located at the heart of the community, providing facilities all residents can benefit from, such as a football pitch, a performing arts space and a community meeting hall.
Presidents of SCO member countries will enter the meeting hall in ABC order of the names of their countries.