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And later on came the evening of the great meeting of the campaign, when Jurgis heard the two standard-bearers of his party.
And then, as Jurgis came out from this meeting, some one handed him a paper which he carried home with him and read; and so he became acquainted with the "Appeal to Reason.
This meeting they advertised extensively, and the Socialists advertised it too--with the result that about a thousand of them were on hand that evening.
I appeal then to this meeting, and I put it to them whether life, such as exists upon the earth, is possible on the surface of the moon?
But the two heros of the meeting had good sea-legs.
Barbicane returned to his lodging; but instead of snatching a few hours of repose, he passed the night in endeavoring to discover a means of evading the recoil of the projectile, and resolving the difficult problem proposed by Michel Ardan during the discussion at the meeting.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Meetings and Courses Program, PO Box 100, 1 Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724-2213 USA, 516-367-8346, fax: 516-367-8845, e-mail: meetings@cshl.
The Federal Open Market Committee was created in its modern form by the Banking Act of 1935, and for much of its history, the publicly available reports from its meetings were the "Records of Policy Actions"--also known as the "Policy Record.
Franklin, along with another colleague from Feith's office, a polyglot Middle East expert named Harold Rhode, were the two officials involved in the back-channel, which involved on-going meetings and contacts with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and other Iranian exiles, dissidents and government officials.
Also included are liaison meetings and other technical activities in which the Institute participated.
This equates to six months of free service should they decide not to renew, including: purchasing the Education Foundation VP card at a discount, attending chapter meetings and receiving publications.
After numerous appeals for aid, Penn threatened that he would conduct "no more protracted meetings until the 'Nickel Church' is paid e for.