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LITRE. A French measure of capacity. It is of the size of a decimetre, or one-tenth part of a cubic metre. It is equal to 61.028 cubic inches. Vide Measure.

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6) The authors derive the definition for water low value users from the proportion of Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production (GVIAP) to quantity of used water for production, which is below 1,500 AUD per megalitre.
6) For a volume of 300 megalitres a year the customer would save 49,244[pounds] annually by going on to the Anglian tariff, which is equivalent to 25 per cent, although the costs of the new pipeline must be offset against this saving.
Although there were different views, the majority favoured a threshold of 50 megalitres or higher.
The state government says a dam on the Mary River, which flows from Kenilworth through Maryborough into Tin Can Bay near Fraser Island, is needed to supply up to 70 000 extra megalitres of water a year or 27 per cent of the additional water supply required by 2015.
Almost another 140,000 megalitres remain untapped in reserve in the Burdekin.
At 660 000 megalitres (ML) capacity and inundating 7600 hectares when complete, the Traveston Crossing Dam is being hailed by Premier Peter Beattie as an essential weapon in the battle against the state's worsening water shortage crisis.
The most significant of these by volume is the Elan Valley bulk supply to Severn Trent Water, where Welsh Water exports more than 100,000 megalitres per year to Severn Trent, for it to supply its customers in Birmingham.
The Dwr Cymru Welsh Waterowned and managed reservoir complex in the Elan Vally holds a total of nearly 100,000 megalitres of water.
5 megalitres of groundwater and subsurface water, collected over an area 4.
The region's 450 megalitres per day demand is provided by the Sungai Selangor dam, which is fed by a reservoir.
Each individual pump had a capacity of 340 Megalitres per day.
Last year YorKshire's LEAKAGE was 267 megalitres/day against a target of 297 megalitres per day.