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Dusk manager Adam Johnson said: "It's kind of our way of saying thank you to the loyal audience who support us week in, week out, when we obviously don't routinely have genuine megastars to entertain them
It must be awfully lonely - and dull - living in a world only populated by other megastars.
In STV's The Dame Edna Treatment the mauve-haired megastar takes time out fromher charity work to host the Saturday night series from an exclusive health spa, where she'll entertain fellow megastars as they rest and recuperate from the strains of everyday celebrity life.
Rumors that rock megastars U2 will kick off their highly anticipated U.
Applix customer list includes such media megastars as Primedia and Viacom --
Robbie is following up his latest comeback by appearing in panto in Stoke-On-Trent, an accolade normally reserved for such megastars as Orville, Su Pollard and Nadia from Big Brother.
One reason for sky-high costs: huge salaries for megastars.
Among the multi-platinum megastars whose works BMI licensed during the year include Eminem, R.
Kids of all ages will submit happily to photographic body slams and headlocks administered by any one of these megastars.
With the fast developing techno/rave market his next target, he launched Radikal Records and his "Radikal Techno" and "Dance Mix USA" compilations became major sellers and provided the platform for worldwide megastars such as "2 Unlimited.