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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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Numbers for emission levels are in Megatonnes (Mt) of C[O.
7) Since there are six greenhouse gases, their different contributions to global warming are converted to the common measurement unit of megatonnes C[O.
Renewable energy capacity additions could increase the share of modern renewables in the power sector to 50 per cent by 2030, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 310 megatonnes.
If approved, the railway would transport 100 megatonnes of coal each year.
They are estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 8 megatonnes over 10 years, enough to take more than 1.
World crude steel production reached 1,548 megatonnes (Mt) for the year 2012, up by 1.
The research will help cut residential and commercial carbon emissions by 10 megatonnes per year by 2020; the equivalent of taking around 2.
Le projet de loi 25, Oil Sands Emissions Limit Act, fixe le volume autorise de gaz a effet de serre dont les sables bitumineux sont responsables a 100 megatonnes par an.
Environment Canada further estimates that, by 2030, the oil sands' share of the country's total GHG emissions will rise to 14 percent due to a projected increase of 124 percent, or 64 megatonnes, between 2010 and 2030.