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Estimates suggest that using carbon taxes to achieve a further 330 megatons carbon-dioxide reduction in the European Union would cost $250 billion per year.
coal-fired electricity from the same period were 1,987 megatons or 28 % of the U.
A meteor at least six miles wide, travelling at 15 miles per second, smashed off what is now the coast of Mexico with a force of 100 million megatons.
The club estimates that the expected doubling of tar sands production by 2010 will produce 70 megatons of global warming gasses annually--12 percent of Canada's Kyoto target for that year.
4 megatons - roughly 1000 times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
government's executive agent implementing the Megatons to Megawatts program that is converting Soviet era nuclear warheads into fuel for America's electric power stations.
But nine megatons exploded on the surface creates lethal fallout over thousands of square kilometers, and especially if the other side has put the hardened facility under a city.
GEOPHYSICIST Josh Keyes has burrowed some 2,500 miles beneath the Earth's surface so he can deploy 1,000 megatons of nuclear warheads to jump-start the planet's core.
How do we stop the Administration's psychotic rush to war now that the Congress, the media, and apparently even the United Nations are cowering under the onslaught of megatons of Bushshit?
reentry vehicle that was planned for the Atlas, and that high-yield weapons of one to two megatons, weighing 3,000 lbs.
Packing more energy than 100 megatons of TNT, the flare erupted from a turbulent region on the sun's northwest edge that had grown to be 13 times bigger than Earth's surface.
The report, Canadian Energy: Supply and Demand to 2025, projected a 16 percent increase in emissions of greenhouse gases to 654 megatons by 2025 from the 1997 level of 583 megatons, even though this represented a best effort by industry to switch to alternative and renewable energy resources.