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On the other hand, Ramy Mohsen, Head of the National Centre for Parliamentary Consulting, invited Members of Parliament to re-examine the privileges that may get that would burden the state budget.
The aims of Members of Parliament are to determine whether the KRG?
BEIRUT: Former members of Parliament Wednesday called for holding the upcoming parliamentary elections on time, urging the adoption of an election law that upholds sectarian coexistence in a fair and representative manner.
They alleged that they received letters from General Secretary of the Party Tissa Attanayake stating that during the proceedings on the debate on the said Bill, the Plaintiff had crossed the floor of the House and taken seat on the government benches and also voted for the passing of the said Bill contrary to the Whip instruction issued to all UNP Members of Parliament.
Our local members of parliament need to stand up and deliver for the people they represent.
A GOVERNMENT minister has urged Members of Parliament to follow the example of a Wirral MP.
Representatives of Turkmen and Arabs members of parliament and the Kirkuk provincial council as well as representatives of political blocs met on Saturday to discuss recent developments on general census of the population in the province.
SIR - Dafydd Iwan attacks me for advocating a policy position which is supported by his own party at Westminster which is to call for the continuation of the present settlement in terms of the proportion of Welsh Members of Parliament in the House of Commons (Letters, Sept 13).
Canadian Member of Parliament Karygiannis expressed his heartfelt thanks to all Members of Parliament for passing Motion M-505 with respect to the poisonous gas attack on Halabja, Iraq and other atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein.
CWB urges Parliament to approve FTA with Colombia: Officials of the Canadian Wheat Board are calling on members of Parliament to ratify a negotiated free trade agreement with Colombia as soon as possible so as not to jeopardize wheat and barley exports worth C$135 million a year for western Canadian farmers.
But now that the election is over and we've packed away our partisan lawn signs and campaign buttons, we need to get to work to engage our local members of Parliament in regular dialogue.