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We are not talking as members of parliament from Equatoria.
The aims of Members of Parliament are to determine whether the KRG?
The United States is deeply concerned by recent steps taken in Ukraine to remove Members of Parliament from the Rada," said acting State Department's deputy spokesperson Patrick Ventrell in a statement.
The election for members of parliament and provincial deputies is the second part of the general elections 2012-2013, convened in Cuba last July by the State Council.
If Members of Parliament were offered this there would be a riot.
She said: "I agree with some of my Members of Parliament that some of the proposals are mad and insane.
According to sources HEC has written a letter to Election Commission of Pakistan demanding the metric and intermediate certificates of 254 members of parliament for verification .
Our local members of parliament need to stand up and deliver for the people they represent.
A GOVERNMENT minister has urged Members of Parliament to follow the example of a Wirral MP.
James Bartle, 18, from Heaton, Newcastle, was among the first non members of Parliament to speak in the House of Commons when he spoke on university fees.
Representatives of Turkmen and Arabs members of parliament and the Kirkuk provincial council as well as representatives of political blocs met on Saturday to discuss recent developments on general census of the population in the province.
SIR - Dafydd Iwan attacks me for advocating a policy position which is supported by his own party at Westminster which is to call for the continuation of the present settlement in terms of the proportion of Welsh Members of Parliament in the House of Commons (Letters, Sept 13).