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The project manager clarified that during the formative phase, members of the Parliament will be chosen from those who will nominate themselves on the parliament's website.
It emerged meanwhile that the 23 elected Members of the Parliament from Ataka took the oath of office, but purposely failed to register for voting.
While there is no conviction of the court, members of the Parliament will receive the wages.
There should be a debate on the issue of dual citizenship and the Parliament should decide the issue and legislate as the world has changed, he said and added that the expatriate Pakistanis should not be deprived of the right to become members of the Parliament and voters in Pakistan.
It is expected that the Members of the Parliament will continue to work overtime until the end of the workweek in order to turn the bill into law by Friday.
ANKARA, Jun 26, 2011 (TUR) -- The leader of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) said they wanted that all 550 new members of the parliament should be able to attend the oath-taking ceremony at the parliament on June 28.
Some Members of the Parliament are going to reintroduce a bill on chemical castration of pedophiles in Kyrgyzstan, MP Tursunbai Bakir uulu said on December 23 during the session of the committee on social policy.
The former members of the Parliament will also be entitled to use VIP lounges at all airports in the country, according to a notification issued by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs here.
Bulgarian Members of the Parliament began their workday Thursday by observing a minute of silence in tribute of legendary Bulgarian cinema and theater actor, Kosta Tsonev.
Yesterday, during the round table discussion held in Bishkek Narymbayev said that the members of the Parliament are changing government bills, trying to solve their issues, Zulpukarov noted.
Therefore, through amendment in Article 63(1)(c), the constitutional bar on the dual nationality holders to be members of the Parliaments is being lifted" he observed referring to sixteen countries including America of the world where dual nationality holders could become members of the Parliament.
Speaking in the House on various points of order, he said, the funds were lapsed due to devastating flood in the country last year and in which half of the funds of members of the Parliament were diverted to the Annual Development Plan (ADP).

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