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Minneapolis Star Tribune *** "This useful, wise, mouthy, blunt, profane and profound book deals with all manner of problems vexing the would-be memoirist, including writing about family .
However, new research allows us to understand the magnitude of what the war memoirists of WWI and WWII have to say, perhaps, for the first time.
In this, he is echoing our Great War memoirists, nearly all of whom diligently list the names of fellow soldiers--often nothing more than a surname, sometimes their hometown, most times their battery number and where they were killed--without any apology, because the point for them is that their fallen comrades shall not be forgotten.
I systematically coded the texts, reading thematically for answers to the following questions: How do memoirists define abuse and how do they describe what it feels like to be victimized by other women?
The Publication of Political Memoirs--concluded that memoirs were a powerful tonic in a democracy but that there must necessarily be boundaries of "contractual confidentiality" constraining memoirists.
Scrutinized by legions of fact checkers, memoirists will still have to find compelling ways to tell the truth.
Instead of proceeding in a chronological fashion from Roth to his present-day literary heirs, Burstein follows her chapter on Roth with a chapter on Holocaust survivor memoirs and then with two chapters on memoirists and fiction writers by second-generation writers.
It was the careful packaging of both book and author by an army of experts, and the public exposure of the mechanics of that process, that put her into a recent rogues gallery that so far includes a defense industry CEO who stole from an old book, a putative memoirist who was just making stuff up, and, most amusing of all, an author who doesn't even exist.
Finally, and unlike most political memoirists, he wrote with an eye to his political future.
I dreamed of editors, novelists, memoirists reading my seminal work and discussing it with me and my peers, offering suggestions, pointing out where I had hit and where I had missed the mark.
Both these memoirists bring to their front-line experiences an education only reading the great works of literature can give.
Brown is a Baptist troubadour, with clean-cut ballads and snapshots of a life more frequently chronicled by memoirists than poets.