Memorandum Decision

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Memorandum Decision

A court's decision that gives the ruling (what it decides and orders done), but no opinion (reasons for the decision).

A memorandum decision is not subject to appeal by the dissatisfied party.

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Having considered the positions of all parties and the applicable law, this court remains convinced that its original findings and rulings in the Order of Temporary Injunction and Memorandum Opinion and Order issued on Feb.
opinion that has rejected the reasoning of a prior memorandum opinion.
After a memorandum opinion was filed in the case, the Martiners filed a motion for rehearing.
United States Bankruptcy Judge Dennis Michael Lynn issued a Memorandum Opinion today addressing certain key legal issues regarding the bankruptcy of the Texas Rangers and the proposed plan of reorganization.
The trial court issued a memorandum opinion and order on July 2, 2007, and stated that the defendants had not demonstrated that Simmons had the authority to bind his mother to arbitration.
Winn sought a partial summary judgment on that issue, which the Tax Court granted and issued a memorandum opinion.
Court and Court of Appeals 2(b) may take the form of A memorandum opinion or published, per curiam or unpublished dispositional memorandum opinions or order may not be cited.
It is most important to point out that her claim fails because the two works are not substantially similar,'' he said in a memorandum opinion.
In fact, Louisiana law considers Judith Hart to be illegitimate, according to a memorandum opinion written by the general counsel's office of the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees SSA.
The FCC's Common Carrier Bureau acts as the arbiter of access rates by issuing a Memorandum Opinion and Order (MO&O) which stipulates what access tariffs are to be for the Test Year.
In a third memorandum opinion and order released last week in Wireless Telecommunications docket 99-168, the FCC addressed petitions filed by two public safety groups asking the commission to revisit service rules it adopted for the frequencies.

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