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MEMORIAL. A petition or representation made by one or more individuals to a legislative or other body. When such instrument is addressed to a court, it is called a petition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The memorial has inscriptions of 116 names for the First World War, 35 names for the Second World War and one name for the Gulf War.
* Hanover Park Memorial Day observance ceremony: 10 to 11 a.m.
Stitt is forming a five-person relay team to participate in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 28 and inviting other runners to form relay teams and compete against him.
War Memorials Trust gave PS29,720 and Cadw gave PS10,000, allowing the memorial's statues to be cleaned and waxed.
The memorial wall, according to the organization, is a 'good way to create a lasting memorial to the pets that have been a significant part of our lives.'
The concrete base of the memorial has become cracked and broken over the years which has allowed weeds to grow through.
Cardiff resident Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds, who is thalidomideimpaired, said: "It's wonderful that we now have little QR code plaques at the Thalidomide Memorial.
Hamstead War Memorial is in the grounds of St Paul's Church, Walsall Road, and was unveiled in 1920.
Britain's war memorials commemorate thesacrifice, heroism and selflessness of servicemen and women in conflicts from the 7th centuryBattle of Dunnichen to the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Hightown war memorial - assemble 10.35am for service at 10.45am.
The first ever Memorial Day was observed by residents of Waterloo, New York, May 5, 1866, to honor soldiers who died in the Civil War.