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MEMORIAL. A petition or representation made by one or more individuals to a legislative or other body. When such instrument is addressed to a court, it is called a petition.

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Edwardes had striven for five consecutive years to be allowed to recite a piece of his own composition on Gloucester Memorial Day.
It's set to go up on a piece of land just off the Tidal Basin, putting it within view of the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt memorials.
The spirit behind this action was clearly articulated in a July 26 New York Sun article in which Rees Lloyd, a lawyer and unit commander with the American Legion, was quoted as saying, "I'm appalled at the notion that the ACLU or any other purported public interest law firm would be suing veterans' memorials and then seeking taxpayer-funded attorney fee awards.
Goert told the Budgeteer News: "The city of Duluth does not have the capacity to keep up with all of the maintenance for all of the memorials in addition to their other duties, but groups like ours are extremely invested in the up-keep, and we are willing to have it be part of our ongoing work.
Wednesday, marking the moment the first plane hit the World Trade Towers a year earlier and signaling the start of a day of memorials to those killed in the Sept.
All began living memorials that created a place of tribute for the local community.
Maybe you can get away with defacing walls with graffiti, and even throwing trash cans on the tracks to get your kicks watching them flattened by a passing freight train, but when you start desecrating our war memorials, you're cutting into the bone marrow of this country.
Eschewing the formality and grandiose neoclassicism of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, the modernist-inflected FDR Memorial unobtrusively melds into its "natural" setting.
It does require cynicism to disregard the critical interpretations of writers who enable us to commence the struggle for a world in which memorials to peacemakers occupy public spaces at least equally with warriors.
Some old trees in our public spaces are long-forgotten war memorials.
We wanted an educational memorial because most other memorials are limited in information,'' said Warren Johnson, a member of the committee planning the memorial.