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In video evidence, two of the school's pupils, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, described how they discovered the abandoned memory stick and plugged it into a school computer in efforts to identify its owner.
The 16 gigabyte (GB) SanDiskA Memory Stick Microao (M2)ao card is compatible with the SonyA PSPA go system; the 32GB SanDiskA Memory Stick PRO Duoao and Memory Stick PRO-HG Duoao cards are compatible with the Sony PSPA system; and the 8GB SanDiskA SDHCao card is compatible with the Nintendo DSiao system.
A Stockton Council spokesman said: "We do not use removable media such as memory sticks to back up any of our confidential information but instead use our own computer servers to ensure it remains as secure as possible.
The memory stick was lost by employee of Atos Origin which manages the Gateway system for the Government.
We will not comment in relation to the contents of that memory stick.
A force spokesman said: "We are investigating the loss of a data memory stick.
Market stalls in Afghanistan sold second-hand memory sticks bought off American GIs until top brass discovered they were full of US military secrets
Lexar Media's Memory Stick PRO Duo utilizes the latest generation Memory Stick format and will be available in capacities of 256MB and 512MB, with a theoretical maximum storage capacity of 32GB.
Sony said the deal with Samsung will help expand the use of Memory Stick cards globally and provide a wider range of products to customers.
Seoul, Korea, introduced DVD players and camcorders compatible with Sony's Memory Stick memory cards.
Kunitake Ando, Sony's president, said: 'The next-generation PlayStation will be linked to the Memory Stick to form a new platform.
The software makes it possible to drag and drop files directly from the notebook PC to Memory Stick media, converting PowerPoint presentations to JPEG files.