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The phase-change film used in the new memory cells is made of GeSbTe, which is the material in general use for this purpose.
Technology teams on both sides will also collaborate on the development of a new type of SONOS memory cell and the reduction of manufacturing cost.
today announced the successful prototyping of low-power phase-change memory cells.
The reason for this alacrity of memory formation is the fact that for every person, every place -- and probably a lot of other concepts, too -- there are individual memory cells that are specifically assigned to that memory.
Research has shown that D-panthenol has negative effects on the memory cells in the brain and impedes the growth of mice foetuses.
While the viral load and T-cell count did not predict the greater survival, something else did--measurement of memory cells (one kind of T-cells) in the first few months of infection.
Special memory cells in the hippocampus called place cells may play a key role in a rat's ability to navigate through complicated mazes--even during sleep.
Alzheimer's is an irreversible neurological disorder that destroys the brain's memory cells.
However as lithographic scaling becomes more challenging, companies are turning their sights to vertically stacked implementations of memory cells or 3D memory.