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For the working memory span task we constructed 72 declarative sentences, 13-16 words in length, each ending in a noun.
Operational efficiency and the growth of short-term memory span.
What one working memory span task measures: A reanalysis of Miyake et al.
The recognition memory span of monkeys in group BF was always between that of monkeys in groups N and H.
Further work is required to sort out what role (or roles) developmental changes in working memory might play in children's acquisition of a theory of mind and how exactly changes in memory span might lead to an understanding of false belief.
According to this view, a fruitful line of research has emerged devoted to explaining individual differences in complex cognitive tasks as a function of working memory span.
The longest sequence that the participant could recall correctly in two out of the three series was considered the participant's memory span.
Well for those with a short memory span this is the same daft divvy whose last job was.
So in a quest to confound my memory span, like that of a fairground goldfish, I have taken to scribbling such hostelries down.
Recent research from our own laboratory demonstrated that current and previous Ecstasy users were impaired on measures of verbal and visuopatial working memory span (Wareing, Fisk, Murphy, & Montgomery, 2004; Wareing, Murphy, & Fisk, 2004), and on syllogistic reasoning (Montgomery, Fisk, Newcombe, Wareing, & Murphy, 2003).
Quickly he teams up with Dory (Ellen De Generes), a cheery, but gormless, blue tang with the memory span of, well, a goldfish.
Examination of the subtest profile of the three groups with ADHD indicated an unusual recall pattern in that there was either an inverted-V or V profile when comparing the impact of verbal interference on serial free recall memory span.