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MEN'S Health magazine curated a luxury menswear fashion show at the Myntra Fashion Weekend at Palladium Hotel in Mumbai on Saturday night, and set the stage to redefine the rules of men's fashion.
The re-emergence of retro brands like Fred Perry along with the growing popularity of contemporary labels like Pretty Green has helped Aphrodite to target a growing market for casual men's fashion.
It has also been on the acquisition trail at home, buying both British online shoe firm Cloggs and men's fashion retailer Gio Goi out of administration this month for undisclosed sums.
The inaugural "London Collections: Men's" Schedule brings together an exciting array of London's brightest menswear stars, British heritage brands and international names who will show across the three day celebration of men's fashion.
Growth in men's fashion is the only available next step in the industry.
Kids Fashion Street" will be for kids and infants, "Men's Fashion Street" for men's fashion stores, "Techno Craft Street" consists of 40 IT stores, "Entertainment Street" includes 20 entertainment stores, PlayStation and coffee shop.
The men's fashion e-tailer specialises in clothing for larger men - they go up to a chest size 66.
This profitable Men's fashion retailer has a great reputation for selling trendy quality fashion labels.
BOYS' toys and men's fashion were among the best-selling products at John Lewis department stores last week.
The Men's Fashion Reader brings together key articles covering the history and culture of men's fashion around the world, using primacy research and case studies to review clothing trends, consumption and media influence on men's styles.