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Nevertheless, tranquillity was gradually restored, the scholar held his peace, the mendicant counted over some coins in his hat, and the piece resumed the upper hand.
080 Billion was allocated under the DSWD budget for the repair, reconstruction or construction of its facilities such as activity centers for street children, residential facilities for the elderly, centers for children in conflict with the law, and temporary shelter for the abused, vagrants, mendicants, and physically, socially and mentally disabled persons.
He said he will tap the Department of Social Services and Development who is the led office for the anti-mendicancy task force to ensure they are regularly monitoring the major streets and identify these mendicants.
The interagency operations in the area rounded up a total of 21 street dwellers and mendicants, including 10 children.
Medievalists with a variety of specialties introduce scholars and advanced students to some of the most important and influential ways in which medieval Christian theologians, churchmen, mendicants, masters, reformers, writers, and artists read, interpreted, represented, and otherwise engaged Job, both the scriptural book and its righteous protagonist.
With the help of Jean Helton, Jennifer found Merthyr Mendicants, which decided to fund a new pair of special purple Irlen lens glasses.
The Report made at the close of the last Session of Parliament, on the state of Mendicity and Vagrancy in the Metropolis was accompanied by such a body of Evidence, as to ascertain beyond all possible doubt, the gross and monstrous frauds practised by Mendicants in the Capital, and in its neighbourhood; the success of which affords a direct encouragement to vice, idleness, and profligacy.
Undertaking a complex comparison of Waldeby s Novum opus with the Forma praedicandi of Robert Basevorn, he anatomises the modern sermon form used by the mendicants that appeared at the beginning of the thirteenth century.
These mendicants are a scourge on society; they do nothing but litter the streets.
The anti-begging campaign will be co-ordinated with Dar Al Karama Homeless and Beggars Shelter, a governmental social institution concerned with the provision of care and different services for first-time mendicants and vagrants.
The O's support Del Amitri tonight at the SSE Hydro and also, for Celtic Connections, support The New Mendicants at the Arches in the city tomorrow.