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Comment: Meniere's disease (also called idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops) is characterized by an excess of fluid in the inner ear, which results in disturbances of balance and hearing.
Differential diagnosis of vertigo Peripheral Central Common Common * BPPV * Phobic postural vertigo * Vestibular neuritis * Vestibular migraine * Meniere's disease * Pathological forms of nystagmus, e.
Assessment of serum antibodies in patients with rapidly progressive sensorineural hearing loss and Meniere's disease.
We will never know whether van Gogh's suicide in 1890 was due to epilepsy, Meniere's disease, thujone poisoning, or some other condition.
Patients with Meniere's disease exhibit hearing loss and feel pressure in their ears.
I have Meniere's disease, which causes severe vertigo attacks.
He said he suffered from Meniere's disease (an inner ear disorder) and his former wife was ill at the time.
Streptomycin treats human tuberculosis and Meniere's disease and is used as a pesticide on fruits and vegetables.
Meniere's disease is thought to be caused by too much fluid in the inner ear.
Researchers believe that this method aids people with SSHL who also have Meniere's disease, a hearing and balance disorder.
The singer and actor, aged 77, has Meniere's disease and has cancelled a string of summer dates on the advice of doctors.
Yet this dilemma is faced by sufferers of Meniere's disease - a distressing and debilitating disease which affects the inner ear.