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10 See Christ and Satan, 35; Andreas, 1548; Seafarer, 1; Order of the World, 12; Vainglory, 15; Wife's Lament, 1; Beowulf, 873, 1065, 2154, 2446, 3172; Menologium, 70.
It is perhaps for the same reason that the tribes, rulers, and events that are featured in Widsith are not just set out in a list, as are the gnomic claims of the Cotton Maxims or the sequence of feast days and labors that figure in the Menologium. Rather, they are put into the mouth of a fictive singer, a colorful man of the road whose imagined presence in the halls of kings provides the audience with a source of verbal power and a personal link to the past.
lx-lxi just after the Menologium (a list of liturgical festivals) and just before the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, see The Anglo-Saxon Minor Poems, lx-lxi, and Fred C.