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It is to this end that I unpack the ways in which choice is evoked in relation to menstrual suppression and the use of ECOC.
The study engaged with feminist and sociological discussion about the usefulness of medicalisation as an analytical concept (for a fuller discussion of medicalisation and menstrual suppression see Gunson 2010).
In the four years since the last position statement from the SMCR on menstrual suppression more studies have become available on both endometrial safety and on patterns of unexpected and expected bleeding.
Women's and providers' attitudes toward menstrual suppression with extended use of oral contraceptives.
As part of the menstrual suppression trend, in late May, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a "new" form of hormonal contraception--Lybrel--that is not quite as new as women might be lead to believe.
As the trend towards menstrual suppression gains momentum with the introduction of extended and continuous use hormonal formulations, we must ask ourselves, as individuals and women's health advocates, where do we stand on this issue?
Fifty-eight percent of women worry that menstrual suppression would affect their ability to have children in the future, even though menstrual suppression has no negative effect on future fertility.
Both are traditional hormonal contraceptive products that promise the 'added benefit' of menstrual suppression (those on Anya would have no menstrual periods; Seasonale reduces annual periods to only four per year).
gyns, see menstrual suppression as safe, says the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).
In other survey results, women ob-gyns are nearly unanimous (99%) in the view that menstrual suppression -- the daily use of oral contraceptives to stop monthly periods -- is safe for their patients.