Mental Cruelty

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Mental Cruelty

A course of conduct on the part of one spouse toward the other spouse that can endanger the mental and physical health and efficiency of the other spouse to such an extent as to render Continuance of the marital relation intolerable. As a ground for Divorce, it is conduct that causes embarrassment, humiliation, and anguish so as to render life miserable and unendurable or to cause a spouse's life, person, or health to become endangered.

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mental cruelty

n. a term, rapidly going out of fashion and out of the statutes, which has been used to justify granting a divorce when the state laws required that some wrong had to be found in the defending spouse. In absence of actual physical cruelty (or unwillingness to discuss it) the person wanting the divorce could testify to a list of indignities ("he swore at me, he came home late, he humiliated me in front of friends, he was hateful to my mother, he read girlie magazines," or similar tales told about the wife) which would be verified by a relative or a friend to satisfy the judge that the petitioning spouse would suffer mental harm if the marriage continued and proved that there were grounds for a divorce. As "no-fault" divorce has gained favor, such charades have faded into legal history. (See: divorce, cruelty)

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For me, adding the challenge of doing it on an 8-weight flyrod is a form of mental cruelty that I've become addicted to.
This can include patterns of isolation, such as being kept from friends and family; mental cruelty; being prevented from working or having their money tightly controlled.
Mental cruelty and coercive control is not about who irons your shirts.
Five black teenagers from Gothenburg decide to inflict mental cruelty on three white and Asian kids (Sebastian Blyckert, Sebastian Hegmar, John Ortiz) with the aim of stealing the boys' phones and money.
Until the current article is wiped out, many authors, cartoonists and academics will suffer a mental cruelty for they are targeted through the law," Oran noted.
She's clearly in an abusive marriage and the mental cruelty has now tipped over into physical abuse.
Secretly, I think both north and south would be satisfied at that -- refugees on both sides having suffered forty years of iniquitous mental cruelty at the hands of our meretricious politicians, whose inventories are unlimited.
The man, Ariel Castro, turned out to be a sadistic torturer who imprisoned her in his filthy house for nearly 11 years, subjecting her to unimaginable physical, sexual and mental cruelty.
Reasons for divorce like infidelity, physical and mental cruelty, habitual use of alcohol and drugs and marriages sealed in haste account for less than 1.0% of the total.
"He said it's almost like mental cruelty because he expected to find out the verdict at the end of the hearing on Tuesday, yet he was told they will email his lawyer on August 10.
But no intense dramas - "that would be mental cruelty", insisted Iturra.
Seventeen years later, in 1985, the Parliament of Canada amended the Divorce Act further, adding the grounds of physical and mental cruelty, as well as "no-fault." (Eighty percent of contempoary divorces are now filed on the latter basis.) Since then the courts have not taken into account any misconduct (e.g.