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We can say either that there obtains a correlation between the whole of our mental experience and one part of the abstracted content of one part of that experience; or, drilling a little deeper and looking at the individual details, we may speak of correlations between specific experiences and the contents of certain other experiences (say, between our fear and the state in which our amygdala is perceived to lie).
The immediate post-race survey included the same key questions as the pre-race survey, worded to ask about physical and mental experiences in the just-completed marathon, (e.
Instructionally, a blind man from birth can perhaps; it must be agreed, be taught, over time, all the propositional knowledge in the physicalist theory about colour and mental experience.
The term attention density is increasingly used to define the amount of attention paid to a particular mental experience over a specific time.
Currently, there is no way to traverse the divide from the discharge of neurons in the brain to the concomitant mental experience.
It is most effective if all of the sights, sounds, smells and rhythms are incorporated into the mental experience.
The reductive theory of mind is the view that people do not exist as distinct parts of the universe, separate from the patterns of human mental experience which they name.
Assuming, for example, that Beckett's novels "center on the action within a single sequestered mind," Rabinovitz argues that they strive to be faithful representations of mental experience in all its habitual "confusion and uncertainty" (p.
To rehabilitate, or at least to supplement, Rochester's literary reputation, Thormahlen "emphasise[s] the way in which physical and mental experience are brought together in his work' (1).
This reality includes subjective facts, particular events, or episodes of mental experience that cannot be reduced to abstract linguistic descriptions, logical inferences, or theories in the natural sciences.
According to the MAI, method included a series of exercises that are designed, to intensify participants' awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.
Embroidering is a way to review and revive the physical and mental experience of traversing space and time much as one would measure it with one's footsteps.