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Heartbroken Jackie had voluntarily admitted herself to the mental health ward, the former Cook Centre, five weeks earlier -on the day of her mother's funeral - but had not been sectioned and had the right to leave.
Mental health nurses and therapists say that about two months ago the hospital closed half of the mental health ward, cutting the number of available beds to nine.
FAMILIES of patients who were treated at a scandal-hit mental health ward speak out for the first time tonight about the disturbing care of their loved ones.
The board became the first in Wales to be placed in special measures earlier this week in the aftermath of a shocking report which highlighted alleged neglect on Tawel Fan mental health ward at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
She highlighted how the cost of a child's in-patient bed in a mental health ward costs PS25,000 a month.
The work they carry out is remarkable and the money we raise will be used to build a new mental health ward at the hospital in Jamie's memory.
5 last year, she was admitted to an acute mental health ward at Bronllys Hospital, near Brecon.
At her lowest points, she slept under bookshelves in a library to shelter from the elements and was admitted to a mental health ward twice.
A TRIBUNAL has questioned the management of a mental health ward after the death of two patients within a year.
A police spokeswoman said: "Police can confirm that John Sutton, who was undergoing assessments at a secure mental health ward at Ormskirk Hospital after being charged with the murder of his wife passed away in his sleep.
The government is committed to ensuring that, by November 2008, no child under 16 will be treated on an adult mental health ward.

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