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Basma Abdel-Aziz issued a statement earlier slamming the decision to send Nabil to a mental hospital, describing it as "moral assassination" to intellectuals and freedom fighters.
Its founder, Clifford Beers had written A Mind That Found Itself (1909), a shocking account of his own institutionalization in a mental hospital in the first decade of the century.
One of the options the agency proposed is eliminating even more beds - more than 190 of them - from five of the state's 10 mental hospitals.
The ultimate answer will depend on how we respond to these disturbing data on our state mental hospitals.
Inspector-General of Mental Hospitals, Frank Hay, noted that "for members of the nursing staff the year should be memorable, because those who fulfilled the conditions had the privilege of being enrolled on the Register of Mental Nurses.
He said: "If you sat as often as I do and have contact with those who are in mental hospitals then you appreciate the terrible toll that cannabis takes upon people who end up as restricted patients in mental hospitals.
Ted Kulongoski announced his hope that the state would build a 360-bed mental hospital in Junction City by 2013.
Mental hospitals were emptied, with the sites sold off to private housing developers, with the patients put back into society often unsupervised.
While the identification of schizophrenics may be less casual today than it was three decades ago, psychiatric labels have multiplied since then, and a significant part of the population is still forcibly treated, whether in mental hospitals, through outpatient commitment, or in drug treatment programs fed by the criminal justice system.
The man who first utters that mantra is psychiatrist Ty Adams (Michael Beach), who has come to the Sedah State Mental Hospital (filmed at a Pasadena estate) to tout his nonmedicinal treatment techniques for a documentary.
In the United States, there are five times as many prisoners with mental illness as there are patients in state mental hospitals.
It can be safely concluded, however, that those who did not live with family members lived in psychiatric institutions, state mental hospitals and nursing homes.

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