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In the second experiment, the ants simply used the mental images of landmarks to observe their surroundings and return to the nest.
Participants were administered the following tests: The Measure of Ability to Rotate Mental Images, the Mental Rotation Test, the Spatial Scale of the Primary Mental Aptitudes Test, the Measure of the Ability to Form Spatial Mental Images, and the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire-Revised.
Scores did not vary between the groups based on whether participants were asked to form common mental images (M = 66.
Rendering software and visualisation tools provider mental images announced on Thursday its iray rendering solution has been incorporated into the Autodesk Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 and 3ds Max Design 2011 software.
And so the triple structure of the exhibition reflects not only the traditional theatrical division of three acts or the cinema's simultaneous layering of screenplay, sound track, and action, but also the tripartite practice of psychoanalysis, the alternation of utterance, listening, and the reconstruction of a mental image.
Most women have a part of their mind that's curious about other women but the fact you get turned on by these mental images doesn't mean you would want or even enjoy sex with a woman.
THE two words "idea" and "idol" come from the same root, the Greek word which means "an archetypal form of something" or "the representation of a mental image of a diety.
While these simple manipulatives may be most valuable for the kinesthetic learners in a class, all students need to construct three-dimensional mental images in order to understand a wide array of structures and processes.
But while the mental images of early modern peoples are not identical to ours, there are some eery parallels.
Hence, unclear imagery is likely to be considered a fantasy, whereas clear mental images are likely to be judged as memories of real events (see Destun & Kuiper, 1999; Dobson & Markham, 1993; Rassin, Merckelbach, & Spaan, 2001; Suengas & Johnson, 1988).
film, photographs, paintings, drawings, charts, graphic arts, maps, graphs), people make sense of various texts by creating their own unique set of mental images.
There was once a time when radio was used to create mental images of nearly every product available.