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In the second experiment, the ants simply used the mental images of landmarks to observe their surroundings and return to the nest.
Instead of judging whether your sexual thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and mental images are good or bad or right or wrong, assess whether or not they are helpful.
Most women have a part of their mind that's curious about other women but the fact you get turned on by these mental images doesn't mean you would want or even enjoy sex with a woman.
THE two words "idea" and "idol" come from the same root, the Greek word which means "an archetypal form of something" or "the representation of a mental image of a diety.
It's clear that mental images is committed to providing and supporting technology for high-end filmmakers," said Jim Mainard, Head of Software at DreamWorks Animation.
Bisset said she was raised in the Church of England with mental images of Jesus and his mother heavily influenced by European art.
mental images and Intel have been working closely on the development of a version of the mental ray rendering software product, ported and optimized specifically for Intel's Itanium processor.
6) Designated hot spots provide criminals with mental images for safe havens - places where criminals feel they can commit crimes with less chance of detection.
With guided imagery, a person thinks of peaceful mental images, such as ocean waves.
Of course, Jimmy Carter admitted that he had "committed adultery in his heart" because he had conjured up lust-filled mental images (see Matthew 5:27), but I doubt that even he would label every man who married a divorced woman an "adulterer" (Matthew 5:32).
The problems of using cultural bound pictorial interest inventories coupled with interpreting one and two dimensional pictures into three dimensional mental images proved to be an inappropriate measurement of the consumer's interests.
I have been in prayer groups where we were told to close our eyes, listen to a reading from scripture, and form mental images of the events described.