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We support a science that is rational and humane and an end to the games of mental manipulation played by proponents of the cruel art of vivisection.
californiensis displays its mental manipulation skills when it invades the California killifish.
The first test was in essence a perspective task (Huttenlocher & Presson, 1973), and the second test was a mental manipulation task (Penrod & Petrosko, 2003).
Only trans-cultural education can preempt the mental manipulation that induced war in Iraq and now pursues war with Iran as proponents of The Clash of Civilisations gradually transform that concept into a reality.
Although the abacuslike apparatus can be used for more than counting, the average learner needs to do some sophisticated mental manipulation of numbers to be successful.
Mathematical subtraction of the former images from the latter ones yielded a view of brain activity devoted solely to the mental manipulation of speech sounds in the rhyming task, the investigators say.