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That mental model is incredibly good at helping us make quick decisions for short-term activities, but it remains relatively static.
This, then, is our candidate mental model for thinking of emerging markets.
s model emphasizes two external sources of information--the information request and the data representation--that provide input to generating the correct mental model (Borthick et al.
Less than 10% of the preservice teachers evidenced in their drawings a mental model of the environment that displayed an understanding of a systems approach to the environment and the influence of each environmental factor upon others.
When the mental model (conceptual representations) of the instructor (see Figure 2) and the mental model (conceptual representations) of the student (see Figure 3) were compared quantitatively using the five matching measurements of DEEP, there were some similarities between two models for graphical, structural, and gamma measures, that were bigger than 0.
First, a review of the TAM and mental model literature is provided followed by the revised model.
9) The authors of the SST claim that the mental models of strategic leaders must be more complex than those of leaders at lower organizational levels to accommodate the many more causal variables and the interconnections among them in the environment.
In Ken Olson's case, an obsolete mental model contributed to the demise of DEC, once regarded as a pioneer in the computer industry.
The mental model theory (MMT) is one of the most influential theories of cognition and reasoning.
My mental model for how to approach my customer's problem was based on looking in the IES Handbook or RP, then metering the area and correcting the intensity to meet the recommendations by the book.
A mental model is a cohesive representation of the meaning of the text content (Kintsch, 1998).