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There were quite a few moments in that mental ward when I could see their soul," she said.
Oddly enough, it's in the mental ward that Craig finds some clarity.
The idea is to get you into the fragile head of Jack Starks (Brody), who takes a bullet to the brain in the Persian Gulf War and somehow survives, only to come home and wind up in a mental ward.
Actor Kirk Douglas hired Wasserman to turn Kesey's novel about a con man in a mental ward run by a sadistic nurse into both a play and a movie.
But he had a buncha trouble talking his way out of an involuntary visit to a mental ward after making his report.
One storyline claimed the couple were getting divorced and distraught Linda ended up in a mental ward.
In Patch Adams Robin Williams checks into a mental ward for a cure, thereby taking the first steps on the road to becoming a doctor.
As absent cause driving the narrative, she is kept offscreen--literally recovering in a mental ward from a botched suicide attempt.
But at least Britney, 26, still managed a laugh, despite being forcibly admitted to a mental ward and a custody fight with ex Kevin Federline over their sons.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" is, always has been, and always will be "Rocky" in a mental ward, a glorious excuse to root for the underdog.
This is exactly how the main character in the book feels when her sister has a mental breakdown on Christmas Eve which results in her being admitted to a mental ward of a hospital.
But her co-star Penelope Cruz, noticeably sans boyfriend Tom Cruise, looked like she just escaped from a mental ward, wrapped up in a large white trench coat that resembled a straitjacket with black belts cinched around her waist and arms.