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She also said she has no regrets admitting herself to a mental ward, as it was the day she finally took her life back.
A few years later my Mexican American, formerly Catholic writer-husband published a short story drawing on my experience on the mental ward that he called "The World Came Crashing Down on My Wife." The title character has a vision of the Virgin Mary.
Jasinski and uncounted other service members march forward into wars they don't like, avoiding jail time or commitment to the mental ward. It doesn't need to be that way, but the national conversation surrounding the people fighting our wars has been so totally subsumed by a medical discourse that the only way off the path to war for many leads to mental rehab or the pharmacy.
Macy himself for his "stroke of genius." But when he claims to be the real Santa Claus, a hack store psychologist conspires to have Kringle put away in a mental ward in Bellevue.
A cannabis user told a court about his descent into a drugs hell that landed him on a mental ward.
She said that the other employees had not spent time in a "mental ward" and that the company could not afford to have employees who had "been released from a mental institution."
Drake has been on remand at a mental ward at Clatterbridge hospital and Judge Bruce Macmillan made a hospital order.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that Drake has been on remand at a locked mental ward at Clatterbridge Hospital and, after studying a psychiatric report, Judge Bruce Macmillan made a hospital order.
Ms Ford looks like a cross between Robin Hood and an escapee from a mental ward. Strait (jacket) back in the dressing-up box for that get-up
Vincent Sherry shows an able critic working where critics should, with language and culture, rather than in the mental ward. Sherry attends to the tone and register of the literary and journalistic language used of the First World War, 'the liberal war' (p.
The Panfilov prize went to Sergei Smirnov for a beautifully crafted ballet depicting inmates in a mental ward. The Critics' Section prize was awarded to the Moscow Chamber Ballet, which had shown a powerful version of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring by French choreographer Rezhis Obadia.
Their responses, from most to least frequent, were as follows: (1) helping people with brain problems, (2) mentally unstable, (3) mental problems, (4) crazy people, (5) helping people with problems, (6) psychological/psychiatric problems, (7--several words/phrases were tied) personality problems, depression, insane, mentally retarded/Down's syndrome people, (11) mental ward, (12) unfortunate people, and (13) needing aid.