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For many patients and mental health professionals, hypnosis brings to mind mental weakness, mind control, sleep, or loss of consciousness.
But with religion as an organism organizing human behavior we are not dealing with mental weakness, but rather "the healthy functioning of the biologically and culturally well-adapted human mind.
The law in most states allows for the appointment of a conservator, rather than a guardian, in cases where a person would be not be considered legally incompetent," but, rather, unable to care for his or her property due to "advanced age, mental weakness or physical incapacity.
Many people age 60 or older grew up in an era in which depression was considered a sign of mental weakness.
Their campaign collapsed because of a lack of it last season, a collective mental weakness that saw them fold too frequently for a side of such audacious quality.
Captain Ken Owens came into the press room after his coach and denied that his side showed mental weakness in not preserving their advantage.
28 ( ANI ): Carla Bruni has dismissed the accusation as 'unthinkable' that her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, took advantage of the mental weakness of an elderly billionaire to finance his rise to power.
Froch is unsure whether Ward's withdrawal is indicative of any mental weakness.
Simpson has shown signs of severe mental weakness in his brief career and the US Open is a test of a player's temperament as much as their game.
ENGLAND coach Martin Johnson insists his side will exploit Wales' mental weakness in tonight's night's RBS 6 Nations showdown in Cardiff.
We have a mental weakness as teams, even with ten-men, win football matches but we seem to throw in the towel
As well as being concerned about facing a West Ham United side that has only lost three times on home soil this season, McLeish is guarding his side against what he refers to as the 'Fear Factor' - a mental weakness that could cripple their chances of picking up a much-needed victory.