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"That for me is a sign of mental weakness and again, that's not us because we haven't got mentally weak players in there, but today for whatever reason, that's what they did.
The current results also show behaviors that indicate the absence of mental toughness, namely mental weakness. Examples of these actions include 'slow recovery after an error' (e.g., not running back into position or lying on the ground) as well as being 'aggressive after en error' (e.g., fouling after losing the ball or kicking the ball away).
"Primary reasons are hereditary, physiological preparedness, weakness in religious upbringing, and a mental weakness. The secondary reasons that push a person with those aspects to become and addict include health factors, psychological phases, curiosity, economical situation, unemployment, and an unstable family life," he added.
Whether it is down to mental weakness, call it what you like, the Sky Blues appear to have pressed the self destruct button on a season that promised so much just a few weeks ago and now threatens to yield so little.
When Blues were relegated in 2007-08 under McLeish, he felt there was sometimes a mental weakness about them, especially in away matches.
Many believe that depression is a sign of mental weakness rather then a real illness.
"Medical and health advances mean that we are all, on average, living longer than our predecessors, but many older people have concerns about current problems, or planning for their or their family's future needs, while some may be increasingly vulnerable to physical and mental weakness.
Spiritists touted their religion as ideal for a modern and rational French republic, but the Catholic right saw in it evidence of the revolutionary disruption and religious chaos spawned by a secular France, and thus of society's need for clerical authority, while leftists feared that it, like Catholicism, constituted an attack on reason, republican liberty, and modernity by "feminine" mental weakness and irrational superstition.
Though doctors have a long list of conditions that can cause a headache but for a common person headache is caused by anxiety (41%) and mental weakness (33%).
But what if the king was ineffectual, prevented by mental weakness from keeping a firm hand on the tiller?
There are suggestions of mental weakness on the part of the players and manager Garry Sheppard looks set to take the hard line.
If you coach with a closed mind, a negative mindset, or from an area of mental weakness, you will most likely fail.