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In both texts, there is the typical Faustian doubling of the protagonist as Goodman Brown meets his mephistophelian counterpart in the forest, with whom he travels into the American wilderness as Faust travels with Mephistopheles to Brocken Mountain.
Nor do I wish to remain in the terrain of falsehood when I assure you that as your vision traveled through the first six layers, and especially as it spent the night in the seventh, you observed with distraction and disdain, and thus you could not refrain from--human nature, of course--comparing the sweetness of paradise with this layer's Mephistophelian character and rotten decay, and concluding that you preferred the former one thousand and one times more than the latter.
Amidst all this shrieking and creaking, the immense open door, the lighted city of the men's prison immediately to the west, then the multitude of foggy pictures before dawn, I felt as if every possibility were offering itself through the open door, but without Mephistophelian trickery.
He is depicted as the hook-nosed Mephistophelian Jew-demon, a caricature already familiar from that of Fagin and others and one that continues to this day.
As Mephistophelian deals go, it wasn't as bad as agreeing to follow US President George Bush to go to war to retain a dubious "special" relationship.
For example, Lincoln Savings and its affiliate, American Continental, became the tools of the mephistophelian Charles Keating, Jr.
But these creatures were later turned into the Mephistophelian figures which were connected to greed and shape-changing.
For Hayek and especially Chambers, the congenital optimism and sunny disposition of Western peoples, particularly Americans, were the wrong things to bring to the fight against Mephistophelian communism.
A fallen angel with Mephistophelian wit" was how Russell struck Beatrice Webb, who before her appointment in Stalin's Samarra had some claims to acute discernment.
Nor can the mystical Chorus of Angels in the last scene of Goethe's Faust counter the Mephistophelian threat of oblivion looming at the end of the road.
Carlisle, scared, runs away, followed by the Mephistophelian laughter of Dr.
What we ought to understand is that the modern face of evil is ordinary, without horns, not satanic or Mephistophelian.