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Relating to trade or commerce; commercial; having to do with the business of buying and selling; relating to merchants.

A mercantile agency is an individual or company in the business of collecting data about the financial status, ability, and credit of individuals who are engaged in business. Once this information is compiled, it is sold by the agency to its customers, who are known as subscribers. Mercantile agencies are known as credit bureaus in current usage.


adjective business, commercial, exchange, financial, fiscal, industrial, market, merchandising, monetary, trade
Associated concepts: mercantile law, mercantile paper
See also: commercial, industrial, retail
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Pacific Mercantile Bank is the wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Mercantile Bancorp.
Although the original pharmacy of Hinkle's is no longer an operation of the establishment, Murphy's Mercantile & Co.
Mercantile is also very proud of the continued confidence IFC has shown in the bank over an extended period.
Under the deal's terms, the stockholders of Firstbank will exchange each of their shares for a fixed ratio of 1.00 share of Mercantile common stock.
Today's rating action follows Moody's downgrade of Mercantile Bank's
Combined, Commerce and Mercantile will have $1.6 billion in assets and 16 retail locations, including three in Boston.
This workshop was yet another in a series of trainings arranged by the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange in an effort to increase awareness of Futures Trading among the target audience.
Gordon Robinson, chief executive of Mercantile Building Society, said: "As a mutual society, Mercantile is committed to providing our customers with professional advice and assistance.
The first is devoted to trawling the bulky canon of early modern English mercantile handbooks and treatises; the second examines the rhetorical production and performance of credit in three city comedies.
Gordon Robinson, the director and chief executive of the society, has welcomed Glen to the Mercantile team.
Bob Birch, president of Mercantile Bank of Arkansas, will leave the bank March 31 to pursue other career opportunities.
COSTA MESA, Calif: Pacific Mercantile Bank provided a $2.5 million revolving line of credit to Karish Industries.