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INSURANCE, MARINE, contracts. Marine insurance is a contract whereby one party, for a stipulated premium, undertakes to indemnify the other against certain perils or sea risks, to which his ship, freight, or cargo, or some of them may be exposed, during a certain voyage, or a fixed period of time. 3 Kent, Com. 203; Boulay-Paty, Dr. Commercial, t. 10.
     2. This contract is usually reduced to writing; the instrument is called a policy of insurance. (q. v.)
     3. All persons, whether natives, citizens, or aliens, may be insured, with the exception of alien enemies.
     4. The insurance may be of goods on a certain ship, or without naming any, as upon goods on board any ship or ships. The subject insured must be an insurable legal interest.
     5. The contract requires the most perfect good faith; if the insured make false representations to the insurer, in order to procure his insurance upon better terms, it will avoid the contract, though the loss arose from a cause unconnected with the misrepresentation, or the concealment happened through mistake, neglect, or accident, without any fraudulent intention. Vide Kent, Com. Lecture, 48; Marsh. Ins. c. 4; Pardessus, Dr. Com. part 4, t. 5, n. 756, et seq.; Boulay-Paty, Dr. Com. t. 10.

MARINE. Whatever concerns the navigation of the sea, and forms the naval power of a nation is called its marine.

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Alan Murray said: "Often people wonder what the Merchant Navy contributed to this city.
He said in a letter to Mr Morgan, ``Swansea is the only city in Wales that does not display a Merchant Navy Memorial of any kind.
He joined the Norwegian Merchant Navy as an engine room boy on a monthly wage of pounds 15.
Any person requiring our help - Armed Forces, Merchant Navy or their dependants - is asked to contact us at any time.
It is gratifying that this year there has been a satisfactory solution to the flying of the Red Ensign on one of the flagpoles outside the Welsh Assembly Building for Merchant Navy Day, and that the freedom of the City of Cardiff, once the greatest coal port in the world, has been granted to the Merchant Navy.
A remembrance service was held on Tower Hill, in London, last week at the Merchant Navy Memorial, at which Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott unfurled a flag.
MERCHANT Navy veterans gathered in Live i rpool to remember fallen colleagues.
THE Dormanstown/ Redcar branch Merchant Navy Association would like to thank the people of Redcar who supported our flag day on August 28.
A one-time Merchant Navy officer who served through the Second World War, he joined the Camp Hill company, a specialist in repairing electric-powered industrial machines, as an apprentice and spent 46 years with the business.
Merchant Navy veteran Ernest Anderson celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday on the same day his wife Doris turned 95.
For the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, merchant navy cadet training is back here thanks to Liverpool John Moores University's (JMU) Maritime Academy, which is aiming to make the port a centre of excellence for providing jobs in a boom industry.
From my personal experience of serving in the Merchant Navy and working abroad, I have always been asked to produce evidence that I had the means of covering my health treatment costs before being seen by a doctor.

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