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Salable; of quality and type ordinarily acceptable among vendors and buyers.

An item is deemed merchantable if it is reasonably fit for the ordinary purposes for which such products are manufactured and sold. For example, soap is merchantable if it cleans. In general, a seller or manufacturer is required by law to make products of merchantable quality. In the event that the items do not meet with the proper standards, a suit can be brought against the seller or manufacturer by anyone who is injured as a result.


Product Liability; Sales Law.

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adj. a product of a high enough quality to make it fit for sale. To be merchantable an article for sale must be usable for the purpose it is made. It must be of average worth (not necessarily special) in the marketplace and must not be broken, unworkable, damaged, contaminated or flawed. (See: sale)

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The models tested in this study reasonably good data fits (Table 4) and explained for more than 99%, 96%, 98%, and 97% of the total variance of d (stem diameter), h (merchantable height), v (merchantable volume), V (toplam govde hacmi) for both tree species, except for Zakrzewski (1999) taper model, respectively.
Hand crews can fell trees with greater care in preserving merchantable logs.
Thin from below: Smallest-diameter merchantable trees removed until a postharvest residual density target of between 125 and 150 square feet per acre reached.
For example, parties might include a vague term, such as "merchantable" or "reasonable," but then stipulate that a certain individual shall define that term as the need may arise.
The clarity of the regime has arguably been improved in some respects, particularly with the introduction of a new standard of 'acceptable quality', replacing that of 'merchantable quality', and by requiring traders at least to alert consumers to the possible overlap between statutory consumer guarantees and the 'extended warranties' sometimes purchased by consumers in conjunction with goods.
You'll have to take the dealer to the small claims court, but you must prove the car wasn't of merchantable quality at the time of sale.
The act mandates that a certain percentage of Title II projects involving the sale of merchantable timber be carried out under a pilot program in which the agencies are to use separate contracts for harvesting timber and selling it, rather than using a single contract for both activities, as is typical for most timber sales.
(42) Implied warranties are ipso facto warranties; any product that enters into commerce includes an implied warranty of merchantability, meaning that the product "is reasonably fit for the general purpose for which it is manufactured and sold." (43) For example, raw chicken is merchantable because its ordinary purpose is consumption after thorough cooking.
I decided in consequence that I should plan on a second career, and I started by trying to make a list of the activities that I would find most stimulating and for which I had some merchantable skills.
In addition to the great loss of standing, merchantable timber, the North West Lumber Company's loading platform at Camp 4, south of Hylo, was consumed by this fire together with a number of flat cars loaded with logs.
It is merchantable in 25 years, but over the age of 50 or 60 a standing alder is likely to degenerate and fall over."
Canada cannot compete on a volume basis with forest products produced from fast-growing trees in tropical climates that reach a merchantable age after only 10 to 15 years.