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Salable; of quality and type ordinarily acceptable among vendors and buyers.

An item is deemed merchantable if it is reasonably fit for the ordinary purposes for which such products are manufactured and sold. For example, soap is merchantable if it cleans. In general, a seller or manufacturer is required by law to make products of merchantable quality. In the event that the items do not meet with the proper standards, a suit can be brought against the seller or manufacturer by anyone who is injured as a result.


Product Liability; Sales Law.


adj. a product of a high enough quality to make it fit for sale. To be merchantable an article for sale must be usable for the purpose it is made. It must be of average worth (not necessarily special) in the marketplace and must not be broken, unworkable, damaged, contaminated or flawed. (See: sale)

See: marketable
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Thinning from below: The smallest-diameter merchantable trees were removed until a postharvest residual density target of between 125 and 150 square feet per acre was reached.
A merchantable harvest age of about 40 years gives us 2,500 acres per year to work with.
Approximately 835 acres had been harvested for merchantable timber on the three separate sites during 2009 and 2010.
Since the 2008 reauthorization of the act, according to agency data, almost 1,100 Title II projects have been approved or implemented by the Forest Service and BLM, with 10 of these expected to involve the sale of merchantable timber.
As far as in production of Cr-Ni corrosion-resistant steels merchantable ferronickel is used, and in the process of steel melting phosphorus is practically completely assimilated by steel pool, content of phosphorus in merchantable ferronickel should not exceed 0.
Appraisal of premerchantable and immature timber stands is challenging because the present value, derived from discounting the net harvest revenue of future merchantable timber, usually exceeds the current-use value of the timber.
In a High Court writ the Duke's lawyers allege that Cessna and its agents failed to design,make, service and sell an aircraft of merchantable quality.
In connection with this effort, SLNG submitted a pro forma gas tariff that included a requirement that, among other things, LNG tendered to the terminal must be merchantable, it must have a gross heating value that is not less than 1,000 Btu/cf and not greater than 1,075 Btu/cf, and it must contain no more than 3% by volume of carbon dioxide or nitrogen or 1% by volume of oxygen.
This gives the tree little if any merchantable height.
He said that while the beetles were harmless, their presence would render the sweets not of merchantable quality.
But the future value of those trees for merchantable timber would have been much greater, McGuire said.
Today, Weyerhaeuser is the world's largest private owner of merchantable softwood timber and one of the world's largest producers of softwood lumber, engineered wood products and softwood market pulp.