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MERCHANTMAN. A ship or vessel employed in a merchant's service. This term is used in opposition to a ship of war.

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On August 8, 1917 he was master of Dunraven, a converted merchantman, which refined the Q ship concept by carrying some minor but visible armament, her additional firepower concealed.
EAnd Anchor Hoeten in Dale, Pembrokeshire has just that, thanks to a 17ft by 14ft anchor on its west lawn which is from an early 18th century merchantman wrecked off St Bride's Bay.
Richard died a year later, when the armed merchantman SS Thames was torpedoed off the east coast of England.
I first met Des about 40 years ago in British European Airways, BEA, and we played football together in the Merchantman Team.
and I have found that all letters not properly stamped, that is to say, unless they have three upon them, and sent via France, are sent per sailing vessel or any other merchantman bound for home,and thereby are much delayed and frequently lost.
In the maritime environment, given its vastness and the much smaller likelihood that a merchantman in need would receive immediate naval response, newfound independence may marginalize cooperation between state and nonstate actors.
Divers found the wreck of what was probably a Spanish merchantman out of Seville off Punta Cana on the island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic in 2011.
Ritchie argued that a continued presence was essential and managed to get funds to purchase an ice-protected merchantman, the Anita Dan from Denmark.
He was in command of Jervis Bay, an armed merchantman, convoying a group of ships.
Public opinion in India is particularly sensitive on this score because of the Enrica Lexie incident off Kerala where Italian marines aboard a merchantman shot and killed a couple of Indian fishermen.
Found in 1965 in waters off of Cyprus, the remains of a Greek merchantman wreck over two millenia old provided the beginning of the new science of nautical archaeology.
A five-day safari is packed with flights between camps along the Skeleton Coast, so named for the number of ships wrecked by the wild South Atlantic Ocean, its rocky coastline studded with the skeletons of its merchantman victims.